Inclusive Orthodoxy

Seeking the ancient faith for all

About Us

We are a group of Orthodox Christians and inquirers seeking an Eastern Orthodox faith that supports the full inclusion of all people in every aspect of Church life, socially, structurally and sacramentally. We are a mission of the Universalist Orthodox Church.

Currently we are in planning stages. sign up for the email list to get meeting times and places as they are announced. Or contact us via the form and we will get you more info.

Our Beliefs

We are Orthodox in faith and practice. We also believe in the full inclusion of everyone no matter their gender or sexuality.

We are planning to meet regularly for reader services, fellowship, and discussion. Get in touch via facebook or our form for more information. Sign up to our email list to stay informed.

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Inclusive Eastern Orthodoxy Facebook Page

Our Facebook Group- A good place to keep up with events and happenings :

We are a ministry/mission of the Universalist Orthodox Church.

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